Pervert Alert!!!

Okay this is not really 'Pervert' alert, it's more of a 'loser' alert. These are some common facebook messages (I am sure all girls get them) and my replies to them. Well, I didn't actually reply to them but I will here.

R*****n S*****n
Hw r u ....?
Im R***n....
Just Lukin 4 a gud Friend...Wud u b my Frnd..

''I am sorry but don't you have any real friends? I am sure not and that is why you are stalking girls online.''

S******n K**n

yaar belive karo badi pyaari lag rahi ho aap..i want to b ur frnd mai plz????????? if its so just add me up dear....

''You! You are the desperate creep that totally and utterly freaks me out like freaks my whole being. You make me want to dissappear from Earth.What's with the long ufffffffff you pervert!!''

I***n K**n
Hey Saadia..Hw u doin...can v chat?

''Three words. Get.A.Life.''

T***l A****l R*****n
hi..hup u vil be be gud frndxzxz???pzlx reply soon.!!

''Sure we can be gud frndxzsxzxz as soon as you pass your third grade english class.''

M*****d F***d
hi how ru plzzz ad me on fb main aap say bat kar na chata huaa (Translation: I want to talk to you)

''Thanks but no thanks Mister.'' 
(main aap say bat kar na chata huaa, why does that plain sentence appear so freakish to me?)

S**d F******n
salaam dear sadia. im farhaan from ind, hyd. willing to have friendship vt u. pls accept it n request to remember me too in ur prayers.

''Thankyou for your matromonial introduction. Newsflash: I don't know you dimwit, why the hell would I remember you in my prayers?''

S*****h A******h
hey can u reject my frnd request cuz your updates are showing on my page!
Thank you!

(Now these are the ones whose ego has been badly crushed and who are pathetically trying to gain some back) ''There is a option for cancelling your request you Moron.''

A***n K**n
arzo hai tumhe pane ki
Aur koi chaahat nahi hai Ashique ki
shikwa mujhse nahi khude se karo
Kya zaroorat thi tumhe itne 
Khoobsurat banane ki
Mujse dosti karogi

''hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha, umm was this a joke cause I was laughing pretty hard?''

N***m M****b
wnt add me eva huh?? Gud dats hw it shud b.. Good girl..

''What now bonehead? You want to make me your sister?''

S****r شكوري

koyi tumse poochey kaun hoon main
tum keh deina koyi khaas nahi...
ek dost hai kacha pakka sa...
ek jhott hai adha sacha sa...
ek khwaab adhura poora sa...
ek phool hai rooka sookha sa...
ek apna hai undekha sa...
ek rishta hai unjana sa...
Koyi tumse poochey kaun hoon main.....
Tum keh deina koyi khaas nahi......<3

(More poetry, this is never ending) ''Nice try. Mustn't have taken too much effort copy pasting huh? Go do something better with your time you airhead.''

agar reply kardogi toh mar nahi jaogi wase .... (Translation: You won't die if you reply)

(Now these are the utterly crushed desperate ones.) ''Correct but seems like you will die if I don't.

(This is one of the messages I couldn't help replying to.)

S******* B***A
hOwx yUh..
likeD uR piCHa .. =)
wanna b frNx?

Saadia Mirza
You know what I have always had a good laugh about your name.....ur Name hahahahahha

S******i B***A
wHy ?
wHt sO funny in mY.. naMe .. ^o) ..?

Saadia Mirza
I had prefer to name myself "loser" rather than having that name of yours. Seriously can't help laughing..............OMG where the hell did you get such a name from???????????

S******* B***A
what dO yUh think u ARe =p ..
saYin' sum 1 a loSer teLLx evrYthing bOut ur chaRactEr =D..
in shOrt n simpLe .. fOh peopLe lyk yUh ix dAt ..
yUh ur seLf lOsaaaaaaa' dAtx wHy u thNk evRy 1 a LoSerrr ;-P
** SaaDia LoosEr ** i preFer yUh dIx 1.. ;-) hOwx it!
15 June 2010

Saadia Mirza
Btw I didn't call you a loser. seriously need to learn english......

S******* B***A
i m wOt i m 
dats mOi style
i dNt care bOt oTherx think wOt yuh want 2
i dNt need 2 learn otherx
dnt b Over-smart
yUh betta jOin sOme acadmey fOh learning english
i dnt need dat n yewr laughterx
Nt care gURl
bEtta fOh yewr health keep laughing
yewr cOmment 3X neither desired nOr required 
betta have a way Ov acadmey =p =P

Saadia Mirza
otherx? whats with that "X" after every word...lmao

S******* B***A
lmao.. =p
datx d styLe ..
emO styLe ..
emO fOntxx ..

um damn suRe ..
yUh hAvnt seen dese fOnts yet in yeWr lyf :p =p ..
it sOundz fOh 'Z' ..
- - yUh seemx meH bLack n wHite eRa gur ;-P
dAts d mOdern languaGe gurL..
i said na jOin sOme mOd institute or join meH ..
i'll let yUh learn awL dIxx ;-) ..

''If police arrested people for commiting crimes against English, Meathead you would be serving for life in Jail!''

Thank Almighty for stronger privacy policies by Facebook.

*only fun no pun intended ;)


  1. This was craxyyy. thI$ laSt gUy w@s aNn0yiNg. Lol. Good work

  2. I found this now. Where in the blue skies was this? I think you should disable the message option, I did the same. It'll be far more convenient. :)


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