One Solution for Beautiful Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails.

'Fish Oil Supplements'

Fish oil is extremely beneficial and can be obtained from eating fish or by taking fish oil capsules. Eating fish everyday is impossible so fish oil supplements are handy. I'm not a very 'healthy' eater. So regularly incorporating veggies and fruits in my diet is kind of difficult for me. This kind of lifestyle has a real bad impact on your health, along with your hair and skin ofcourse. 

These are widely available in all pharmacies around KSA.

Regularly taking fish oil supplements is very beneficial for the body. It has many health benefits. It also fights acne and other skin conditions giving your skin natural glow. Regular intake of fish oil supplements add luster and shine to the hair along with improving the scalp health. The nutrients in fish oil also help benefit nails as fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamins A and D. 

Taking these regularly has improved my skin and hair giving them a natural healthy glow.

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  1. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "One Solution for Beautiful Healthy Skin, Hair and ...":

    Hey sadiya...its true for hair nails and skin...but it also causes hormonal imbalance in the body...i was taking these for a year...but the doctor adviced not to take any kind of these of these capsules....its better to eat fish once a week...i wanna suggest u too to leave this if u have just started..

    Sorry the comment got deleted by mistake. Fish oil supplements are mostly natural and cause no hormonal imbalances. It's rarely heard of. Don't exceed the amount prescribed. Taking two-three capsules in a day is enough. I have been taking these for over 6 months now Alhamdullilah with no problems. It's natural and with many many health benefits. :) Google it!


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