What To Wear For Your Anniversary Dinner???

On occasions like these it get's really overwhelming deciding which look to go for, or what kind of dress to wear.  Start with the dress first. Buy a new dress! This occasion does call for a new dress. Take your friends with you and have fun selecting a dress. My advice would be to buy something you don't usually wear, something new and different. Do this days before the actual date so you can try and test what dress suits you best.

This little post is for a private anniversary dinner or any such occasion. I like to dress a little glamorously on such occasions but if you are the simple kind omit bling bling things out.

Here I selected a simple long black evening dress. I love black dresses as they look so elegant and you could pair them with any shoes and accessories! I'm pairing this dress with a silver clutch and accessories. (P.S that's not me in the picture. It's a random picture I took out of google images)

                                 Killer shoes with a simple dress is a must to glam up the whole look!

                      A matching hand clutch. This clutch goes perfectly with the bling blings on my shoes!

Now for the accessories, don't be afraid to wear some statement accessories. As the dress is pretty simple you could wear a nice pair of silver earrings.

                                                  Don't forget to wear your engagement ring!

                                                 Complete your look with a nice wrist watch.

Oh wait, what about the face?

                                      Keep it simple yet dramatic with this soft makeup look.

                                            Pair those eyes with a red lip and you are done!

                                                A casual low updo would best suit this look.

Oh and a extra tip. Buy a new perfume! The way you smell can really change the way you look. Try this. Buy a nice perfume, something exotic.

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