Wadi Namar: A Beautiful Place To Visit In Riyadh

This is another must visit place in Riyadh. It's a great place for a picnic. I recently went there for a barbecue and it was the perfect place for it. We went at night around 10 pm but it was well lit, we had no problems. It's a valley developing into a park and also a dam. Surrounded by mountains and a lake, it's beautiful. Very popular among picnickers. It has good lightning and even lavatories.  The best part is it's not even far, it's on the Makkah road exit 23. So go there with your family and revel in the nature!

                                           That chicken...ummmmm
Our barbecue kababs! Yummmmyyyy!

If you do go there do tell me how you liked it. Till then Have fun. Adios. 


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