The Way To A Man's Heart, Really?

So you must have heard that good food is the way to a man's heart. I didn't really believe it but it is very TRUE. Good food can tame a bad man or so I'm starting to believe. I didn't really know how to cook anything eatable before getting married. I was so clumsy that anything and everything I touched was annihilated.

So after getting married I obviously had to make breakfast for him. Which I very confidently thought is very easy, how hard could making a jam and cheese or egg sandwich be? Right? Wrong! In the start there was always something wrong with my sandwiches. Less cheese more jam! Or eggs not cooked and such. After a while and alot of practice I finally got the hang of things and actually started making things that tasted good. And there I noticed some changes.

Men they love good food. And making a delicious meal for him will make him fall for you more. When you do something for him with so much effort,  he is bound to feel grateful and happy to have you in his life.  Make note of what his favorite foods are and try to make them. Surely you can order out instead of taking to the trouble of making at home, but at home foods have a sense of unique personality and taste.

You will suddenly start getting thank you's and all kinds of nice things. So if you don't know how to cook it wouldn't hinder anything but if you know how to then it is a significant plus. Let me add another important thing here. Yes he would love good food but what he would love more is the intimacy, care and nuture that you are giving him. Sounds deep for a simple meal but it's true. 

When he comes home after a hard day and sees his favorite food on the table all nice and prepared by his lady standing there. His eyes will sparkle and he will feel oh so happy. The whole act of cooking is actually a gesture of love, which makes him feel comfort like he is in a home and not a house and loved and cared for.

There are a couple of sites with some yummy recipes you can check out. 

So till then Happy Cooking! 

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