A Trip To The Riyadh Zoo

I recently visited the Riyadh Zoo with my family and I loved LOVED it! If you are in Riyadh or visiting Riyadh don't forget to spend a day at the zoo, you won't regret it!

Me looking at a Zebra!

What a lovely sight this was!



Stunning to watch the King of Jungle in all his royal splendor!

He was just waiting to pounce



                                                     Giraffe <3

Grizzly Bear <3

                                             That's mama and me :)


                                                        Elephant <3

Hyena and Kitten

There were many more animals and a train ride. A great place to spend a fun day with your family. 
If you did visit it tell me how your experience was. Till then Happy Zoo time :)

For location and more details check this website out.


  1. My son loved it bc he likes animals but I feel the treatment and upkeep was very poor :( so sad..

  2. Some animals like the bengal tiger were kept in pretty good condition but yes most of the other animals were kept in crowded and poorly spaced cages...

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