Wardrobe Essentials For A Hijabi Girl

Here are some clothing essentials every girl who adorns hijab needs. These are really helpful and also stylish for home or party wears. Check them out.

Full Sleeves Shirts and Polo Neck Shirts

These shirts are extremely helpful and can be worn inside dresses for extra cover up. I love polo neck shirts for they provide flawless coverage.

Wrap Cardigans

Needless to say these also provide great coverage and add style to your casual wear.

Hijab Under Scarves

If you are extra cautious about hair peeking out then you have to have these! They come in all sorts of colors and cloths too.

Colorful Scarves

Having colorful scarves allows you to play with colors on different outfits, and provides a lot of variety. A wonderful burst of color.

A line Skirts

I am in love with these, they are a must have. Stylish, conservative and elegant.

Harem Pants

These pants can be worn underneath almost anything, shirts or dresses. Fashionable is the word for them.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses like these can be worn with a full sleeves shirt or a polo neck shirt inside. You can also add a cardigan over it.  


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