Room Re-Decorating Ideas! (On a Budget)

I compiled a short list of some really good room decorating ideas to revamp your bedroom or add a little sparkle to it without emptying your pockets out. Hope you like them!

Frames and Wall decor:  
You can add a pretty frame to your bedside table, or fill up empty space on the wall. You don't have to buy expensive wall art. Cheap ones would do the job just as well. Make a collage of frames on the wall or just keep it simple and pretty. Play around and see how you like it. 

Another great idea is wall stickers. You can find them in any stationery or craft stores. These are stickers and you just stick them wherever you want on the wall. Create your own designs. Very easy to use and very very cheap. Great for kids room, living room, basically anywhere you want to add some color or fill up an empty wall.


Mirrors are a great way to add dimension to the room, make it look bigger. They add charm and sophistication to the room. We all love mirrors!


Throw some cute comfy pillows on the bed, it adds comfort and also looks great. If you do have a dull sofa in the room revamp it with some colorful pillows. Throw some on the rug too, but not too many. Aahh can't get enough of pillows!


Last but not least pamper yourself by adding a soft rug beside your bed or sofa. This too dosen't have to be expensive, find one that suits your budget. And lie down with a nice relaxing book. 


  1. "without emptying your pockets out."
    Would be best suited if you remove this from the description. Being an actively involved in home refurbishment/renovation , I can say by experience that all of what you presented are some of THE MOST EXPENSIVE expenditures one would face when give even minute differences in these departments. (:

  2. Dear it depends on where you shop from. I have used all the things mentioned above in decoration 'without emptying my husband's pocket out' lol. Except rugs and mirrors, which aren't also so expensive all the other things mentioned are cheap. Like I said depends what kind of places you shop from.


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